Video: Setting Contact Preferences within cPanel | Pure Energy Systems

How to adjust when and how cPanel should send you notifications regarding your account.

Setting Contact Preferences Within cPanel Step By Step

  1. Log in to cPanel
    First you'll need to log into cPanel. If needed, we have a video for that as well.
  2. Click the user profile dropdown
    In the upper right corner of the cPanel interface, you'll see your username. Click it. This will display a drop down menu.
  3. Click Change Password
    From the drop down menu that appears, select the 'Contact Information' option.
  4. Verify/Set a main contact email address
    The first text box contains your primary email address, where the system should send any notifications.
  5. Verify/Set a secondary contact email address (optional)
    The second text box can be set to another email address. If provided this email address will also recieve copies of your notifications.
  6. Select Which Events Trigger Notiifications
    Using the checkboxes provided, you can select which types of events you'd like to be notified on.
  7. Submit your changes
    Click the 'submit' button to finalize your changes and save them.

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