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How to enhance the security of your cPanel user account by leveraging two-factor authentication.

How to use Two-Factor Authenication with cPanel Step By Step

  1. Log in to cPanel
    First you'll need to log into cPanel. If needed, we have a video for that as well.
  2. Access Two Factor Settings
    From the cPanel home page, scroll down to the section marked "Security".
    Then click the icon marked "Two-Factor Authentication".
  3. Locate the Two Factor Section
    Scroll down to the 'Security' section of cPanel, and you'll find a 'Two Factor Authentication' icon there to click on.
  4. Enter Two Factor Setup
    Click the 'Set Up Two-Factor' button.
  5. You'll Need A 2 Factor Application
    There are a number of smartphone applications that can be used for two-factor authentication. We recommend either Google Authentication or Authy.
    Choose ond and install it on your phone if you don't already have one.
  6. Add Your 2FA account to your phone
    You can either scan the provided QR code from within your chosen 2FA application, or you can enter the account name and key provided.
  7. Enter the 2FA code
    Your 2FA mobile app will generate a code once you have added the account. Enter this code into the field marked 'security code' under Step 2.
    Click 'Configure Two Factor'.
  8. Verify it worked
    You're done. We recommend logging out of cPanel and back in. This time you should be prompted to provide the two factor code from your mobile application.
    Congratulations, your cPanel account now enjoys an added layer of security.

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